PayPal to Paysafecard

PayPal to Paysafecard – Paysafecard to PayPal
Looking to use your Paysafecard along with your PayPal account? There are plenty of ways that the two can be used together for any type of purchases online. Let’s take a quick look at how you can use your PayPal account and your Paysafecard together:

Paysafecard To PayPal

If you need to transfer your Paysafecard over to your PayPal account, how do you do that? Well, neither main site offers you the ability to do this, but you can find other sites online that will buy your Paysafecard and provide an instant payment to your PayPal account. So, basically you can get money on your PayPal account quickly by selling your Paysafecard online to a dealer. One of the main things that you will want to watch for is that you are using a direct buyer that will instantly put the money over into your PayPal as a payment to you. Some sites out there will have you turn over your Paysafecard information for the promise of payment in a few moments to a few days, this is not a safe way to transfer your Paysafecard to a PayPal account. Always look for a direct dealer that provides instant payments.

Using Your PayPal Account To Buy Paysafecards

Right now, you cannot buy Paysafecards directly with a PayPal account. However, if you have a PayPal linked debit card, you can always purchase a Paysafecard at an outlet with it.

Other Online Accounts

Paysafecards aren’t compatible with online accounts like PayPal, meaning that you cannot directly move money over instantly. However with different direct dealers, you can easily sell your Paysafecards and have that money placed into your chosen online account.

When you’re looking to transfer your Paysafecard over to an online account like PayPal, make sure that you are dealing with a direct dealer. As we mentioned above, a direct dealer will instantly transfer over the money as a payment for your Paysafecards. Never allow someone to gain the PIN on your Paysafecard for the promise of money later on, once they have your PIN they can use your card. If you have not received payment for it yet, you may have just lost your money that was on the Paysafecard.